Friday, April 13, 2012

Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid from Apple Chevrolet Buick Northfield


Eagan Places Hybrid Fire Marshals Vehicle in Service

The Eagan Fire Marshal is now going about his duties in a new hybrid vehicle that was paid for by a donation.
Following the opening of their new Fire Safety Center, which was named the nation’s first Green Globes certified fire station, Gopher Resources owner Irving Kutoff approached Eagan Fire Chief Mike Scott to see how the department would continue its green efforts.
Chief Scott shared with Kutoff how the department was unsuccessful when they applied for federal funding for an emergency response vehicle.
Kutoff encouraged Scott to bring the hybrid fire vehicle idea to Gopher Chief Operating Officer John Tapper. Tapper previously served as a volunteer firefighter with the Eagan Fire Department.
Tapper, who liked the hybrid vehicle idea, brought the idea to the Gopher board of directors. The board agreed to fund the entire hybrid truck for the fire department.
The 2012 Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid was obtained from Apple Chevrolet of Northfield for $36,000.
The vehicle is utilized as the Eagan Fire Marshals response vehicle and carries all of the department’s fire investigative tools.
Scott said the hybrid, which gets an estimated 20 to 22 MPG, replaced a 2001 Dodge Dakota that was averaging 12 MPG. He intends to test the vehicle to see if the hybrid provides payback over its projected 10 year life as a fire vehicle compared to a conventional truck.
Kutoff passed away in January 2012 and was not able to see the result of his suggestion for a donation to the fire department, Scott said.
Gopher Resources is a leading lead recycling company in North America that recycles and reuses batteries including those found in hybrid vehicles.

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