Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Apple Auto Group Technology Update: Sync and OnStar

Apple Auto Group Technology Update: Sync and OnStar

Voice technology is one of the latest developments in our increasingly advanced society, and your vehicle should be no exception. Apple Auto Group offers both of the leading programs at their dealerships; Sync at Ford and Lincoln, and OnStar at Chevrolet and Buick. Here we would like to outline the features and benefits of both so you can take them into consideration when buying a new vehicle.

First, let’s start with Sync. Sync technology is offered on Apple Auto Group’s new Ford and Lincoln products available at Apple Valley Ford Lincoln and Apple Ford Shakopee, online at http://www.appleautos.com/ .  Powered by Microsoft, Sync is loaded with great features and makes driving an overall better and safer experience. Almost every feature is hands-free and can be activated with just a word. You can make a call, start a music search, ask for directions, and write a text message. Other great features include personalizing your daily information, which will program Sync to update you with daily news stories, weather, traffic, movie listings, and horoscopes all in an instant overview. As far as entertainment goes, Ford’s  Sync technology has everything you need as well. There is Bluetooth streaming, HD radio, satellite radio, audio and video input jacks, and can charge your mp3 player while you are listening to it – a must have for any road trip.

Then we should look at the more important stuff; safety. Along with making dangerous distractions now hands-free, Sync also has 911 assist and can update you on your vehicle health report. You can feel safe while you are driving and have the safety net of instant assistance right when you need it.

The other leading vehicle technology we have to mention is OnStar, which is offered at our Apple Chevrolet Buick Northfield store, http://www.applechevroletbuick.com/ . For a while now OnStar has been on the for-front of voice technology and this year is no exception. Its most impressive features are also the most important and you will always be in safe hands while driving with OnStar. Like Sync, OnStar has hands-free calling and turn-by-turn navigation, but what sets it apart is its emergency services and crisis assistance. This way if you hit any sort of bump in the road (literally and figuratively) the OnStar system can have immediate roadside assistance and emergency response.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with Sync or OnStar. For anyone who is looking for the safest, most efficient, and accommodating system in their vehicle add these two to your list!

Below we have included a few frequently asked questions about Sync and OnStar.

Are Sync and OnStar the same thing?

No, but they are similar technology services that are built to enhance the customer experience while driving or in a emergency situation. Sync is the technology powered by Microsoft for Ford and Lincoln products while OnStar is for Apple Auto Group's Chevrolet and Buick vehicles. OnStar focuses on the safety features that are needed to make driving an enjoyable experience.   Sync has more entertainment and lifestyle benefits while still including safety benefits such as 911 assist and vehicle health report.

How do I get OnStar?

OnStar is built into more than 30 GM models, and is compatible with more than 90 million vehicles. It is offered at Apple Auto Group’s, Apple Chevrolet Buick Northfield store and online at http://www.applechevroletbuick.com/ .

How do I get Sync? 

Sync is also built into most New Ford and Lincoln vehicles, however it is not a standard options from the manufacturer.  When you inquire about a new Ford or Lincoln vehicle Apple Auto Group, we will happily discuss which trim packages include Sync technology.

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