Monday, May 21, 2012

Apple Auto Group New Vehicle Highlights

An Article in the USA today talked about Top 10 under-appreciated cars and trucks that are a great deal.  4 of those amazing models are available at Apple Auto Group,  The Ford Flex, Suzuki Kizashi, Chevrolet Avalanche, and Chevrolet Volt are all great vehicles that need consideration while researching for a new vehicle.  The content below was written by Joe Wiesenfelder from


Ford Motor via Wieck
Good products usually sell themselves … but not always. And that could mean a good deal for you on a fine vehicle that hasn't been feeling the love on the dealer's sales floor.

Shopping site has assembled here a list of the Top 10 cars and trucks that should be more popular than they are.
In some cases the sales figures aren't terrible -- but in none of the cases below do the sales match our assessment of the cars' relevance or excellence. But the good news about that for you is that it usually means car shoppers can find a bit of a deal.

Ford Flex

By Ford, Wieck
The Flex tops our list because this underappreciated seven-seat gem is terrific yet outsold, five-to-one, by a similarly priced seven-seater found at the same dealership: the Ford Explorer. Sure, the Explorer name is better known and it looks more like an SUV than a shipping container, but the Flex is easier to get in and out of and has more overall passenger and cargo volume, especially in the dimensions that matter most, such as headroom and legroom. Driving cross-country? Go with the Flex.

By suziki
Suzuki Kizashi

For a good vehicle to get its due in the market, both the make and model have to be known, and that's why the excellent Suzuki Kizashi is seldom seen. Anyone who bothers to look will find an efficient sedan at the smaller end of the midsize car class that's fun to drive and has a stunningly high-quality interior. It comes with front- or all-wheel drive and such bonus options as a stick-shift and a great premium stereo.

By GM, Wieck
Chevrolet Avalanche

Truck buyers are a tough crowd. For example, in sales, the nifty Honda Ridgeline pickup consistently gets its clock cleaned by every recognizable brand, possibly because brand is more important than anything in this realm. Or perhaps because the Ridgeline's work capabilities are legitimately limited. So, why isn't the Chevrolet Avalanche a bigger hit? It can do the work, towing up to 8,100 pounds; it serves as a five-seat SUV or a full-length pickup truck, and it comes from a truck brand. Sadly, the 2013 model year will be the Avalanche's last.

By GM, Wieck
Chevrolet Volt

All plug-in cars are expensive, but so are luxury vehicles, and the reasons for driving both prove to be surprisingly similar. As owners, we know the Volt has downsides, as all cars do, and we accept that they're deal-breakers for some shoppers. But Volt resistance seems to be more about partisan pretzel logic and safety misperceptions than about the car itself. GM's sales expectations were too high, but the Volt definitely deserves more success than it's seen so far especially with the savings at the pump.

-- By Joe Wiesenfelder,'s Kicking Tires

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